We offer transformative opportunities for new parents & individuals to re-connect to their internal and external world, unveiling their bliss, greatness and purpose.

Every DAY, every MOMENT we have an opportunity ..

+ To connect with nature

+ To connect to another human being

+ To connect to conscious parenting skills

+ To connect with our inner spiritual warrior

+ To connect to our hero's journey

+ To create a connection for others around us

+ To explore, participate and contribute towards connecting as ONE in our global community called earth


Are you feeling this HUNGER for real talk and personal growth?

With all this information overload & distraction 24-7, disconnection through digital connection, constant hustling, and surviving, we can easily lose connection to ourselves and humanity. As new parents we have to also handle the work and challenges that come with parenting.

We want to move the conversations past the daily weather, how bad a TV show was plus the fact you continued to watch all seven seasons, how long we had to wait in a queue for a latte, the list goes on that involves complaining, blaming and shaming. 

Let us move the conversation to real talk, the content that we are scared to speak about because we will have to be vulnerable, the content that makes us afraid that we might be judged, the content that we think has a stigma attached to it. See there is power in real talk, it lets us reveal our authentic selves and connect at a level where we resonate with each other's truth. Humans are a tribal species, lets reconnect with our tribe.


Our commitment to the world

Aspiring to connect is about empowering our authentic selves, our dreams, our desires, our love, our purpose, our values, our happiness, our children, our family, our people, our world, and our commitment to honor the human connection in the language of presence.

So we can raise our consciousness as a human species and connect in this ONENESS where compassion and sincerity is integrated in all our actions.

Our offerings to the global community

In the growth journey to connect to your greatness, we provide guidance and tools to our community through:



with amazing people who are on their hero’s journey. We hear their triumphs and struggles, and advice for success.



A whole lot of articles and videos to help understand and create clarity in your journey.



doing research and work in solitude is cool, but we all need a structured process with content, community and a joyful atmosphere. So the courses here are designed to help us go on the hero’s journey together.

"With our thoughts, we make the world"




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