ASPIRE to CONNECT was born from the desire to live a life where the human connections we engage in had meaning, honesty, and transparency. Our connections to every living being on the planet came from a place of sincerity, empathy, love, and generosity. The purpose being to nourish relationships that are always expanding and serving value to all those engaged.

The relationships I speak of are the one to ourselves, to our inner circle of family and friends, to our outer circle of communities we belong to and serve, and to our planet which gives us opportunity to make life itself possible.

So going through my personal growth journey, I rediscovered myself and connected to higher values that accelerated my spiritual evolution. Becoming a parent had a major role in my transformation, and learning that I can do it differently with less stress and more love was my biggest breakthrough.

I learnt the power of being connected to all my relationships in the language of presence & consciousness. I started to show up better for myself and all those around me, I showed up with intent to be of service to others rather than just satisfying my ego. Empowering myself and others around me became my life, and this is an amazing space to be in. I found through self-leadership, I was showing up as a more conscious parent. 

I found other like-minded individuals and groups on a similar path, and we had amazing conversations that helped us co-elevate to the next level. I felt that these conversations needed to be shared to help other new parents and self-leaders on their journey, and this is how the podcast came to life.

To share my experiences even at a deeper level to explore the methodologies I used for self-leadership and conscious parenting, I have created an online academy to help others find their higher values and purpose, their higher version as a leader and a parent. So they can aspire to connect to their greatness.

Welcome to ASPIRE TO CONNECT, where we upgrade our collective consciousness to create a global ONENESS.

Three time international best selling author, explorer, and edutainer, has a simple mission in life. Live in bliss, serve with love, laugh out loud, and co-create for all to enjoy.

Faraaz Ali

Founder, Podcast Host & Chief Empowerment Officer


Enough about me, let's talk about you and your world



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